Sound insulation panels


Protection against noise is of great significance for the quality of our life. It should be applied everywhere where we cannot liquidate or reduce the noise source. The high sound insulation properties of the panels are obtained by means of: application of laminated panels built based on special foils which significantly improve the acoustics of the panel, increase the glass mass, i.e. application of at least one panel with high mass per unit area, asymmetric structure of the multi glazed panel, filling of the intra-panel space with heavy damping gases.

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The acoustic properties of the window depend to the greatest extent on the type and structure of the multi-glazed panel. However, when choosing the best solution for us, one must also consider such elements as the window profile, hardware, professional installation, etc. It is not easy to calculate the noise dampening value. In connection with the aforementioned, the selection of proper solution for us should be made by professionals.

The sound insulation protection can be combined with other functions, e.g. thermal insulation, safety, sun protection, e.g. by means of use of panels with coatings or laminated panels with specific structure.

The acoustic insulation of multi-glazed panels is determined on the basis of the EN 12354 standard. The dampening value for the sound transferred by air is determined by the weighed value of dampening Rw and adaptation coefficients C and Ctr. The multi-glazed panels, depending on their structure, reach acoustic insulation within the limits from Rw = 28 to 53 dB.