Point mounted glass


The point mounted glass has become a fashionable and increasingly frequently used element of the modern glazed facades in the recent years. It allows to create light glass structures in almost any desired shape. The point mounted panels allow to obtain glazed facades with architectural lightness without structural divisions (poles, breams) visible from the outside.

The structures that can be used to mount this type of glass include glass ribs, steel or aluminium poles as well as wooden structures.
Production of glass elements (multi glazed panels), point mounted, which guarantee safety to the users (hardened sun control glass, laminated panels) and, concurrently, provide many years of tightness of the packets, is an extremely difficult task for the manufacturers of the multi glazed panels.

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There are only few companies in the Polish glass trade which can combine the following elements in a multi-glazed panel:

  • precise glass edge treatment,
  • precise conical openings,
  • hardening of the low emission sun control glass,
  • precise mounting of the joining elements (rotules), 
  • finishing joint (usually of large-size glass) with UV resistant silicone.


Only precise performance of the above operations can guarantee a problem free installation and use of the point facade.
One of the few Polish companies offering multi-glazed panels for point mounting, also in the TSSA system, is Vitroterm-Murów SA.
Using the possessed line for numerical glass processing, own furnace for hardening of low emission glass as well as the line for UV resistant silicon joining, Vitroterm-Murów offers multi-glazed panels for point mounting of the highest quality.


The biggest reference facilities for which Vitroterm-Murów has successfully made glazing for point mounting include:

  • Victoria Gallery in Wałbrzych - point mounted glazing area of ca. 1500 m2 (facade developer DEFOR SA)
  • National Centre of Polish Song in Opole - point mounted glazing area of ca. 400 m2 (facade developer WG SYSTEM)
  • Warsaw University of Technology - point mounted glazing area of ca. 400 m2 (facade developer WG SYSTEM)