Sun protection panels


The basic task of the sun protection panels is prevention of room overheating which is connected with greater comfort and lower air conditioning costs. This is especially important in case of public utility facilities, e.g. office buildings. However, the modern sun protection panels can be something more than only protection against undesired heating of rooms as they are also characterised with very good thermal insulation properties which results in reduction of heat losses in the winter.

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The sun protection glass, depending on the parameters, can be characterised with various colours, from grey, through blue to neutral. These types of glass can be also characterised with high light transmission. This is why they can be also used in residential construction, in rooms exposed to overheating in the summer.

The main parameter deciding on the sun protection properties of the glazing is the so-called solar factor “g” which characterises the total solar energy permeability to the inside of the room. The solar factor is determined according to the EN 410 standard. The lower its values, the better the sun protection properties of the multi-glazed panel.

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