Safe panels


Safety is of crucial importance in every place we use glass. The main task of a safe panel is protection of people against injuries from sharp glass chips resulting from breaking. The safe glass is characterised with increased resistance to impact or crack of the panel.

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The GlasMax Safe panel is a laminated panel which, seemingly, does not differ from a traditional panel. It combines, however, multiple structural requirements set for the modern products made on its basis. They include such requirements as light control and sun radiation inflow control, energy saving and safety of the residents as well as protection of the building and its residence against threats from the outside. Despite the cracks resulting from an impact, a properly installed laminated safe panel remains in the window frame, thus preserving the integrity of the building structure and fulfilling other window functions.

The use of safe panels is especially recommended for doors, partition walls, full-glass glazing, glazing of balconies and terraces, vestibules, balustrades and other security measures protecting against falling from height.

In terms of safety for the users, the panels are classified according to the EN12600 standard. It is a percussive pendulum testing method. The safety classes are determined depending on the height of fall of the pendulum onto a glass sample and the manner of glass cracking.