Anti-burglary safe panels


The main task of safe anti-burglary glass is protection of the house against thieves. Application of such a glass in a window with reinforced hardware allows to resign from additional security measures such as grates, shutters, roller blinds, etc. which allows to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the facade. The anti-burglary GlasMax Secure panel is a laminated panel.

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In this case the safety level can be adjusted to our needs with the use of various combinations of glass and layers of the PVB hard stretchable foil. The more glass layers and the thicker the foil, the higher the safety level. The P3A class panels (two glass panels and 3 foil layers) and P4A class panels (two glass panels and 4 foil layers) are the main types used for detached houses since the insurance agencies consider them a proper security for the building which results in the decrease of the insurance premium by ca. 5-10%.

The protective panels with increased burglary resistance properties are classified according to the EN 356 standard. The test consists in a free fall of a steel ball from a precisely determined height on the surface of the panel mounted in the frame. The protective panels are divided into the following classes:  P1A, P2A, P3A, P4A i P5A.