The customers refer to Vitroterm as


This opinion results from the fact that our 20 years of experience in the work with construction glass is directly reflected in our skills.

We are proud of the fact that:
  • we have made hundreds of thousands square meters of glazing on facades and inside buildings.
  • our glass has been installed in the entire territory of Europe and outside its borders.
  • we have a modern equipment and experienced staff.
  • we know and have made glazing in virtually all facade systems.
  • our suppliers are a selected group of companies with best reputation, quality and service.
The most interesting glass performances of Vitroterm include such facilities as:
  • Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw
  • Museum of Aviation in Cracow
  • Warszawa Wschodnia railway station in Warsaw
  • IQ Building in Ostrava
  • Allegro company office building in Poznań
  • Agora Gallery in Bytom
  • Daimler-Chrysler central unit in Warsaw
  • National Song Centre in Opole
  • Opole University
  • Narvil Hotel in Serock
  • Victoria Gallery in Wałbrzych
  • PPNT in Puławy