Not in all of them. Vitroterm-Murów S.A. recommends to consult the installation place of the panels with muntins with the recipient prior to ordering. In case of installation of windows exposed to vibrations (e.g. from high traffic, noise), the use of panels with muntins is not recommended.

Searching for an individual solution for oneself, everybody is able to check if the glazing they intend to use provides the desired effects in terms of translucence and thermal insulation. This can be checked with the use of a simple application, Guardian Configurator, and the software is available in the tags for the Trade and Architect.

The information that we have purchased a GlasMax panel may be placed on the spacing frame inside the multi-glazed panel, on the label stuck on the panel or in the enclosed technical and commercial documentation.

If you wish to learn more about windows, get more insight into the issue you are interested in, you can contact our specialists by means of the special contact form. Another form to obtain the latest news regarding glazing is using the Newsletter option. Entering your e-mail address will allow you to receive on a current basis all latest news regarding the content of the GlasMax program site.

Vitroterm-Murów S.A. grants 5 years of warranty for the join tightness for the supplied multi-glazed panels. The warranty runs from the date of manufacture placed on the spacing frame of the multi-glazed panel.

The assessment of the glass quality and multi-glazed panels performance consists in external visual inspections conducted with a naked eye in natural light conditions from the distance of 200 cm. Defects not visible from this distance are not qualified as defects. A reliable property for the purpose of the assessment is the transparency of the panel, i.e. background watching, however, the points on the panel should not be specially marked. The assessment is conducted without artificial light and without straight incident solar radiation.

Washing of glass can be carried out with the use of commonly available agents, taking into account the following remarks: - permanent contamination in the glass, e.g. residues of the masonry mortar, can be removed only after abundant dampening with water to soak off the sharp and hard particles - the labels must be removed from the panels immediately upon completion of window installation - the labels cannot be removed with sharp instruments which can cause glass scratching - residues of sealing compounds, glue from the labels and greasy stains can be removed with spirit and then rinsed with water. The reflexive coatings exposed to dirt must be cleaned with avoidance of substances that could damage the coating, i.e. caustic or alkaline (fluorine, chlorine).

All approvals for the panels manufactured by Vitroterm-Murów SA can be downloaded from the DOWNLOADS tag.

Condensation of steam on the panel surface from the inside of the room can take place only in case of improper room ventilation combined with excessive humidity in the room. It is important (also in terms of care of one’s own health) to ventilate and heat the rooms in a proper manner.

In connection with changing external conditions (changes of temperature and air humidity), the condensation of steam can take place temporarily on the external surface of the panel. This phenomenon occurs when humid air borders with a surface with lower temperature and it is cooled down until it reaches the saturation state where the excess humidity is condensed on the said surface. In case of a multi-glazed panel, the lower the panel’s heat transfer coefficient U, the cooler its external surface is since only a slight amount of heat is transferred to the outside of the building. The phenomenon of steam condensation on the external surface of the multi-glazed panel depends on the atmospheric conditions and glass properties. The occurrence of this phenomenon proves the high quality of the multi-glazed panel, it has a transient nature and it is definitely not a panel defect.

The noble gas is filled in during pressing of the multi-glazed panel in the automatic press. The process is controlled by the computer. It is colourless, odourless and it is fully nontoxic (it is present in the air we normally breathe).

The value of the heat transfer coefficient U in a low emission glass depends on the type of the gas filling the intra-panel space and on the width of the spacing frame. The U coefficient changes along with the change of the spacing frame width. Approximated values of the U coefficient (determined acc. to the DIN EN 673 Standard, T = 10 K) for the low emission argon and air filled panels. The U coefficient value increases for the frame width exceeding 18 mm due to the convective heat transfer inside the multi glazed panel.

The main task of any multifunctional GlasMax multi-glazed panel system is protection against heat loss. The highly efficient heat insulation is in this case obtained by means of a low emission coated glass - ClimaGuard Premium. In addition to the significant protection against the loss of heat outside, each of the offered thermally insulated panels can also have several other important functions such as: sun protection, sound insulation, safety, anti-burglary functionalities, depending on the customer’s needs.

GlasMax Thermo / SuperThermo, a system of multi-glazed panels with magnetron thermal insulation coatings. Limiting the heat loss by even 90% in comparison to a traditional panel.
GlasMax SunBlock / SuperSunBlock - a system of multi-glazed panels with a sun protection coating. Protection against excessive heating of rooms, ensures excellent heat parameters with excellent light reduction.
GlasMax Silent - a system of multi-glazed panels with a soundproof laminate. Reduction of noise from the outside even up to 75%.
GlasMax Secure - a system of multi-glazed panels with an anti-burglary laminate. Radical improvement of safety, hindering any the burglary. This system ensures a discount in insurance.
GlasMax Safe - a system of multi-glazed panels with a safe laminate. Provides protection for you and your family against damage caused by breaking the glass from the inside.

The difference between a Glasmax multi glazed panel and its standard non-brand equivalent consists in the fact that selection of the GlasMax panel we have the guarantee that this product consists of highest quality materials since the exceptional quality of the GlasMax panels is confirmed with a certificate of the IGC. This distinction is awarded by the Institute of Glass and Ceramics and it means that the GlasMax multi-glazed panels are of top quality, significantly exceeding the level set by the standard for the given range of products. Another special feature of the GlasMax multi-glazed panels is their warranty which can be extended even up to 10 years.

The maximal size of the multi-glazed panels manufactured by Vitroterm-Murów S.A. is 2700 x 4000 mm.

As a standard, this period is 5 years. It is also possible to take out additional insurance which extends the said warranty up to 10 years - it is a total novelty in the glazing and window trade. The extended warranty option is based on the same principle as the purchase of a warranty period in case of a new car or electronics.