The joint stock company "Vitroterm-Murów” is one of the biggest manufacturers of multi glazed panels on the Polish market.

The company has been continuing the 250 years of tradition of construction glass production and processing the beginnings of which in Murów root back to year 1755.

In 2014 the plant in Murów had its 20th anniversary.

"Vitroterm-Murów” SA is located in the Opole voivodship, in the town of Murów, 25 km from Opole, directly close to the Opole-Namysłów route.

It was established in 1994 as a joint stock company of private persons with fully Polish capital. Currently we employ ca. 150 persons.

The property of the company includes a land the area of which is 3.5 ha, a new office building as well as three modern production shops with total area of 10,000 m2.

The customers of our company are renowned manufacturers of wood, PVC and aluminium window and door joiner. The company also provides services for individual customers.
Vitroterm - Murów SA performs deliveries of multi glazed panels and glass in the entire territory of Poland and abroad.

The company possesses experience, production, intellectual and logistic potential comparable to the renowned western companies in this trade.

Our offer includes:

  • window and facade multi glazed panels
  • point mounted glass
  • construction glass
  • hardened glass
  • flat glass processing
  • application of screen print on glass
  • glass lamination

The glass leaving our plant every week has an area corresponding to a football pitch.

From the beginnings of its operation, the company has been consistently implementing the innovation-development program, aiming at constant improvement of the quality of offered goods and services as well as growth of the production potential.

The production of the highest quality multi glazed panels takes place on the basis of the state-of-the-art devices of renowned European companies, including GTI Peter Lisec - Austria , Bottero - Italy, Reinhardt-Technik - Germany.
The company has at its disposal the TAMGLASS hardening furnace, automatic glass processing, three lines with possibility of filling the panels with gas in line (the so called ON-LINE gas press), modern float glass and laminated glass cutting sections, frame benders, humidity absorber frame filling automatons and silicone joining devices for structural panels.

Vitroterm-Murów S.A. possesses an innovative integrated computer system which comprehensively supports all areas of the company’s operation, beginning from the order, through the entire production cycle, to packing and forwarding of ready products. The company’s own transport fleet is under continuous development and modernisation. The delivery trucks are equipped with the HDS unloading systems. The company is fully prepared in logistics terms, it performs and can perform in the future the deliveries of special multi glazed panels as well as glass for facades and for the interiors in the entire territory of the country.


During production we use glass from the most renowned concerns in the world such as: PILKINGTON NSG , SAINT-GOBAIN, GUARDIAN, AGC , EUROGLAS.

The suppliers of the sealing compounds are: KADMAR , TENACHEM, of the molecular sieve - GRACE, of the spacing profiles: ALUPROF and SAINT GOBAIN.

The inter-pane muntins come from the HELIMA and ECO IN companies.

All main suppliers possess implemented quality assurance systems, series ISO 9000.

The products manufactured by us possess all required test and other applicable certificates of the Institute of Glass and Ceramics, and the Quality Management System Certificate according to the PN - EN ISO 9001:2009 Standard is a confirmation of their high quality and reliable Customer service.

Vitroterm is located on the 55th place of the Financial Tigers of the Opole Region.

The Financial Tigers of the Opole Region is a list of manufacturers from the Opole Region created on the basis of comparison of five financial dimensions.

The following elements were taken into consideration: return on equity, return on sales, revenue growth dynamics, profit growth dynamics and net result.

Vitroterm -Murów received the “Green window” certificate as one of few companies in Poland.

The award of the certificate is an element of the social-educational campaign “Green window - get rid of mercury from your life” which aims at making Polish people aware of the toxicity of mercury and promotion of alternative mercury-free solutions.

Mercury, despite its high toxicity, is still used on a mass scale in industrial production and its wastes permanently contaminate the environment. Therefore, it is very important to educate the trade and public on the existence of alternative mercury-free solutions the price of which does not differ from the harmful solutions containing mercury.

Vitroterm holds the Gold Reliability Certificate. It is a confirmation of application of the ethical principles connected with law-abidingness, reliability, transparency and responsibility in business.

According to the mutual opinion of customers and suppliers as well as small partner companies, this certificate confirms that Vitroterm-Murów S.A. uses in its business the relations with its partners based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.

For many years the company has been implementing the principles of a Reliable Company:

  1. Have another goal apart from profit
  2. Take care of your employees
  3. Commit yourself socially
  4. Think about the natural environment before you destroy it
  5. Respect the customers’ power

The Gold Reliability Certificates issued by the jury of the program are a confirmation of the positive assessment of reliability and trustworthiness of the awarded companies. An enterprise holding the Gold Reliability Certificate confirms its safe and stable market position.